• Paros Island

    One of Greece's most beautiful islands

  • Picturesque Villages

  • Great Beaches

Paros Island

One of the most attractive islands in Greece

Paros is the third largest island in cyclades, is dominated by its picturesque villages, beautiful beaches and the Greek island atmosphere. Although the island attracts thousands of visitors each summer, due to its size, is never becoming overcrowded. Paros has been inhabited since very ancient times and was famous for the quality of its marbles.

Discover Paros Island

It is an ideal island for those seeking the cosmopolitan bustle as well as the Greek atmosphere, the simple life of the fishing villages. It offers everything you expect to experience during island hopping; small, idyllic towns crammed with white houses with their traditional blue window-shutters and doors, white churches with blue domes, great beaches, good restaurants and culture.

Paros Island

The absolute holiday destination for everyone. Singles, families, partiers, watersports enthusiasts, honeymooners, beach lovers enjoy the great atmosphere on Paros Island.